Write & Grow: Process to Progress Framework

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Finding Focus for Self Leadership

Define your purpose, prioritize projects, and put a process to your progress with a focus system proven to help you do meaningful work. 
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Newsletter Lab - How to launch a newsletter and build an online audience

How to launch or improve a newsletter to connect w/ fans & followers. Learn content creation, design, tools, & audience development tactics.
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Can I Go Remote? Remote Career Resource Pack

Career resource pack compiled to guide you to remote role opportunities & education, tools, and habits that will lead you to success. 
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Feedback from members

I wanted to jump-start my efforts, and finally shorten my learning curve to promote my coaching business I knew I needed to create awareness and build my expertise by writing.  

All that happened when I hired Jeff. 
Money well spent. 
Doug Hershey, Founder, Thought iQ
The process, insights and collaboration exceeded my expectations. Dogwood Projects opened a door to new opportunities for me and my business. 
As I prepare to launch my newsletter, I am so grateful for the attention, knowledge and integrity provided during the course. 
- Len Marchese, Founder and President ReThink
A wholesome practical approach to creating content. Step by step Jeff moves through the practical process-to-progress framework, This course has helped its practitioners have a plan for their content - well done. 
Ahmed Arefs, Financial Performance Advisor
Easy to follow and a wonderful resource for people who are deciding how to go about writing and publishing in various arenas. The coursework helps you review your own skills, goals and gives you a framework of how to accomplish this in bite-sized steps. I'm happy to have been able to gain more insights about how to write for my network on LinkedIn.
Renee Vienes, Executive Assistant
Enormously helpful!  His easy manner and simple instructions helped to lessen my anxiety about posting online. 

He makes things easy and logical with no pressure to have to do a million and one apps and techniques to get business for someone starting out.
Diana Hartley, Coach & Consultant
If you want to write more but need the tools and process this course is for you. This class will remove any roadblocks you may have and before you know it you are creating content and posting it. 
Curt Cassels, VP Sales Director

Hi, I'm Jeff Founder of Dogwood Projects

I'm driven by curiosity & self-education.

Whether unemployed, looking to advance in my current role, or testing the entrepreneurial waters, I’ve always led my professional career through the lens of my personal journey.

At first, I was traveling. Now, I'm a Husband & Dad. 

Through many changes in life, maintaining a portfolio of projects online has led to fulfilling, indie & flexible work - work that matters with ideas I care about, and teaching others how to do same.