Finding Focus for Self Leadership by Jeff Possiel

Finding Focus for Self Leadership

Define your purpose, prioritize projects, and put a process to your progress with a focus system proven to help you do meaningful work. 

Learn how build your focus system to create authentic value & concentrate on real, lasting work that matters

Wouldn't it feel great to have a portfolio of projects that you're actually excited about working on?

Don't you want to work on stuff your proud of?

What is the Finding Focus System Workshop?

Well, it's NOT about task or time management and list of productivity tips and tricks.

This is unlike other ebooks and guides on getting things done, but nailing down a simple system that works for you, in your life using proven strategies for transforming your mindset and zone of creating value through the work projects you will be proud of.

We don't bog you down with 40 hours of video to comb through, draining you of your most precious asset - time.

Instead, we provide concise lessons combined with assignments and worksheets to work alongside you through the course to actually show, HOW to find what matters to you most and exactly HOW to turn those big ideas into fully formed projects, by creating the space and momentum you need for the deep work to be done.

What's inside: 7 Self-Paced Sessions

Delivered immediately upon purchase, self-pace through 36 total files, PDFs, Templates, Excels with direct access for Q&A's to advance your understanding. 

What is focus and why it matters

Horizon of Focus

Where do you add value?

Project Planning

Consistently Showing Up

Active Awareness

Flywheel of Focus

Hi, I'm Jeff Founder of Dogwood Projects

I'm driven by curiosity & self-education.

Whether unemployed, looking to advance in my current role, or testing the entrepreneurial waters, I’ve always led my professional career through the lens of my personal journey.

At first, I was traveling. Now, I'm a Husband & Dad. 

Through many changes in life, maintaining a portfolio of projects online has led to fulfilling, indie & flexible work - work that matters with ideas I care about, and teaching others how to do same.