Newsletter Lab - How to launch a newsletter and build an online audience by Jeff Possiel

Newsletter Lab - How to launch a newsletter and build an online audience

Whether a career pursuit, hobby, side-hustle, or new business - your unique value is worth sharing with others and this video course teaches your how to connect & communicate with a growing audience. 

You will learn how to:
  • Set up your newsletter
  • Create consistent & valuable content
  • Develop your audience

Email is the most reliable and cost-effective way to connect with others, grow your influence, or build a business

Anchoring your digital communication strategy in email persists as the most reliable and cost-effective method for capturing and communicating with an audience online.

The email newsletter enables direct control over how to reach an audience you own. This is an audience with whom you can establish a deeper relationship through consistent, repeated interactions that build consumption habits.

Technology & Design

What's necessary to effectively connect and communicate with customers, fans, or followers? 

It doesn't have to be complex. We focus on simple setup of software and design which is key to enable your consistent sending success.

 We'll break down the structure, introduce cool (and inexpensive) tools, and insights to what works from your platform to the readers inbox.

Content Strategy: Consistent Creation Process

Embracing the creative aspect of a newsletter is critical to an effective process. 

The, "I don't know what to write, or have the time to do it" excuses are out the window with these lessons. 

We focus on leaning into your workflow, finding what works for you and nailing a process to create, curate, and offer your audience valuable content that they look forward to engaging with.

Audience Development: Growth & Engagement

But I don't have any fans, followers, or customers... There are 3.2 BILLION internet users worldwide, yes you do. You just need to find them. 

We discuss not just how to get new subscribers but how to immediately connect with them, learn from them, and keep connected by offering consistent value.

13 Lessons Inside

15 Videos
27 Attachments
16 Texts Files

Develop Your Brand Voice

Content Strategy

Creation and Distribution Process

Audience Development

What Members Are Saying

Dogwood Projects opened a door to new opportunities for me and my business. 

As I prepare to launch my newsletter, I am so grateful for the attention, knowledge and integrity provided during the course. 

The process, insights and collaboration exceeded my expectations. 
- Len Marchese, Founder and President ReThink
I wanted to jump-start my efforts, and finally shorten my learning curve to promote my coaching business... I knew I needed to create awareness and build my expertise by writing.
All that happened when I hired Jeff. Money well spent. 
Doug Hershey, Founder, Thought iQ

Using work email is expected to increase 25% while personal email is set to increase 20%.

Offering a one-to-one relationship with the readers an intimate and controlled space, the newsletter’s tone, photos, frequency and topics of choice is something they chose to receive, making it a friction-free experience.

It's the best communication tool you have. And it's built upon the one internet platform that, unlike all the rest, never lets you down.

Email is the only truly reliable media that exists. With Twitter, you tweet something out, you might miss it. Facebook might change their algorithm. You never know who will see what. Instagram was fairly linear, now they’re using algorithms. People are siloed on Facebook, Twitter. They don’t venture out to home pages as much as they used to.

As a consumer, if you want to be sure to know about something, email is pretty much the only way.

Hi, I'm Jeff Founder of Dogwood Projects

I'm driven by curiosity & self-education.

Whether unemployed, looking to advance in my current role, or testing the entrepreneurial waters, I’ve always led my professional career through the lens of my personal journey.

At first, I was traveling. Now, I'm a Husband & Dad. 

Through many changes in life, maintaining a portfolio of projects online has led to fulfilling, indie & flexible work - work that matters with ideas I care about, and teaching others how to do same.